Achromatic Barlow Lens (2x) BA2
31,7mm (1,25")

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Important information for everyone interested in astronomy products:

Don’t buy a pig in a poke! We would like to point out some important aspects which you should consider to be able to make the best buying decision possible.

Very often customers who are interested in astronomy products do not realise that there are big quality differences between similar looking products. It is not sufficient to simply compare the specifications only. For a qualified comparison you need to consider that the quality of the products depends crucially on the materials used in their production. What customers do not seem to know is that a manufacturer can decide between different quality levels when producing optical instruments (1st choice to 4th choice). Since its founding Seben has exclusively manufactured first choice products only. This is one of the main reasons why Seben products are used 100,000 fold worldwide.

For more than one decade Seben has been delivering high quality products all over the world. Among our clients we count thousands and thousands of private users as well as known institutions, which did not decide in favour of our products before they ran extensive tests.


Please consider that the market has been flooded with many different offers for astronomy products just recently. But behind most of these offers products of bad quality or second choice are hiding, which the clueless customer can not determine as such.

Many of the seemingly top offers appear on the market overnight and disappear as quickly for a good reason. Consequently the customers are stuck with a product of low quality; without assistance, spare parts and repair service.

For a few months now disappointed astronomy customers of other sellers have been contacting us - disappointed with their product or their seller - asking us for assistance. In most cases they paid a proud price to purchase a telescope and nonetheless received an item with faults or defects. Take into consideration that only a small part needs to break; if the seller and/or the product are not available anymore, what you will remain with is only scrap. Seben instead holds a large spare part depot and is even able to help customers who bought a Seben product more than 10 years ago.

Far worse however is the fact that such easy-come-easy-go-sellers often imitate our Seben advertisements and try to mislead the customers into believing they are purchasing a high quality Seben astronomy product. We absolutely want to dissociate ourselves from such offers and we do not have spare parts or accessories for such products. We would like to clarify this in advance to avoid any further disappointments.

Trust in Seben astronomy products only, as they have already been tried and tested thousand fold! Buy from us with the total reassurance that you will get time-proven quality and good service!

Item description:

Seben's fully coated, achromatic Barlow lens is outfitted with a full metal housing and it enables a doubling of the magnification of the inserted eyepieces.

Seben's achromatic Barlow lens guarantees you a significantly higher image quality than standard Barlow lenses (without coating and non-achromatic). This can be decisive for the success of your observations!

Contents of delivery:

1x achromatic Barlow lens (2x)